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I truly enjoy working with you and feel honored at being a part of your Journey. I have been amazed at the changes you have made and how far you’ve come in your personal development, in enriching your relationship and transforming your life.

I would love it if you would share your experience on our work together for others to get a feel of what is possible for them, what it’s like working with us and being a part of our Family. Please take a moment to respond to the simple query below.

I’m forever grateful for your kind and enthusiastic words and for taking a few minutes to do this for me. I am blessed to have you in our Family and am immensely thankful for your gift to me, and others who are in need of our services. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart!

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Then… (statement of how things are different now)

The most significant improvements… (share the difference in intensity and frequency of fighting and disagreements, impact on communication and synchronicity / being on the same page, improvement on understanding, patience, compassion, and acceptance, impact on connection and intimacy, revitalization of passion, restoration of trust post infidelity, co-parenting, self-management and self-care, breaking codependency, creating a life of ease, getting over depression, transforming anxiety, etc.), thanks to you, your team, the material, and the Family you provide (or something like this in your own words)

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