I have developed this work, this Philosophy and Framework, flowing from my belief system, study and research, experience and lessons from clients. It provides a proven holistic and integrative Approach that is practical and yet transformative. It is a bringing together of addressing our humanity and infusing it with our Higher Self, our Essence…

This is Transcendental Relationship Therapy™​, a personal-relational psychotherapy to cultivate a Divine Human Experience™​ where partners create their successful relationship(s) and meaningful lives.meaningful lives.

The Philosophy - MetroRelationship™

I believe...

I believe that our Relationship is the cornerstone of our Life… (You might have noticed that those that are single are usually in pursuit of finding a Partner…) I believe there is synergy in our relationship that usually goes untapped, and when it’s minded and nurtured it allows the couple to transcend the ordinary, through and beyond the mundane. This helps unleash the partners’ potential enabling joy, peace, abundance, fulfillment, and success. 

These evolved Partners transcend mediocracy becoming extraordinary, they are uplifting to our world. They make the world a better place through exceptional parenting, role modeling and inspiration, and by embracing their life’s purpose. They enjoy a MetroRelationship™.

The MetroRelationship™

a harmonious unity of structure and love...

Our partner is our life Partner… Our Gift for our own Evolution…

They are the playmate in the playground that is our relationship so we can practice Becoming who we are.
They are the sand in our clam, the perfect match to trigger our sensitivities so we now have another chance to get what we didn’t get growing up.
They are the mirror to show us how we are being so we can see how we need to change and stretch.

When we get our core needs met, we heal.
When we stretch to meet those of our partner, we grow.
When we tap into our synergy, we create.

Partners have the tendency to go about their relationship with blinders on missing out on the opportunities for healing, growing and creating… They miss the forest for the tree. They get stuck in their perspective and their usual MO in their interactions, viewing and treating each other like enemies as opposed to using the Relationship as the vehicle of possibilities that it is…

The key is to approach our partner as an ally, as our Partner, from a heart-centered place… From here we get that we are in this together, for a reason, and that being vulnerable and working together makes all the difference. Thus, we can have compassion for our mutual experience… The essence of our human experience… When we miss this, we are not really living our Life… We are not Awake to the life we were meant to live…

As we evolve, we can create something amazing, of amazing impact… We do this through role modeling and being inspiring as a couple, through our (co)parenting, and through taking on a Cause for larger impact to humanity. This is our Divine Human Experience™… But this can’t take place if we don’t crack the code on how to do our Relationship well…

The Framework – 5 Constructs

The Framework emerged from the thousands of hours I shared in the therapy room with clients and collaborating with other therapists. It is my therapeutic process that has been Transformational for many.

It’s based on the premise that as we integrate, evolve, ourselves through self development and the context of our relationship that we can create our best impactful life. We know that a strong relationship and meaning in our lives lead to long, healthy, happy and productive lives… It is my Mission to help couples create their Successful Relationship & Meaningful Life™, their MetroRelationship™.

The 5 Constructs are the Pillars that support Transcendence…

Context & Mindset – Empowering the Self

  • We have to understand our worldview, our meaning system, our believes, our values, our mindset to understand the lens we use to experience the world and our life.
  • We have to identify how this is serving us or holding us back from creating the life we want…
  • We have to address, upgrade and reprogram anything that is disempowering or keeping us stuck.

Communication & Alignment
– Improving Understanding

  • We have to master communication skills and tools to enrich our relationship(s).
  • We have to advocate for ourselves and share ourselves while honoring others.
  • We have to understand and accept others while honoring ourselves.

Clarity & Dynamics
– Changing Patterns

  • We have to identify repeating patterns that are keeping us stuck and affecting our wellbeing, connection and success.
  • We have to understand how we collude and cocreate our dynamics, experience, reality with another.
  • We have to address what drives the pattern, and change it.

Connection & Intimacy
– Feeling Connected

  • We have to connect with our Self first…
  • We have to understand how we each love and like to receive love, and nurture the relationship.
  • We have to establish balance between togetherness and separateness.

Collaboration & Partnership
– Becoming a Team

  • We have to have a joint Life Vision and Strategy.
  • We have to identify responsibilities and how to share the load.
  • We have to have systems for synchronizing and running our impactful joint life.

The Approach - Successful Couple Strategy™

The Strategy helps intimate partners easily get on the same page, become a stronger partnership and increase their connection, intimacy and fun. Partners get to fall in love with each other again, and enjoy peace, joy, and love in their home and while creating a meaningful life.

The Strategy is comprised of 5 Core Elements, related to the Framework Constructs. When assimilated and integrated into the partners’ personal-relational approach it creates a Transformation for the relationship and for the overall life quality of the partners. The more the Elements are embraced the faster and more profound the change…

Each Element addresses a significant relationship factor that undermine the wellbeing of the partners, the couple and their success if not addressed intentionally.

The 5 Elements

Element 1 – Context & Mindset:
Empower Yourself
Do you feel stuck and yearn for more in your relationship?
Shift your relationship mindset and break the impasse

Element 2 – Communication & Alignment:
Improve Understanding
Do you experience frequent misunderstandings?
Effortlessly get on the same page and better get each other

Element 3 – Clarity & Dynamics:
Change Patterns
Do you have recurring conflicts and disagreements?
Understand why you have recurring dissatisfying interactions and change them

Element 4 – Connection & Intimacy:
Feel Connected
Do you feel lonely, taken for granted, and unappreciated?
Reignite your love, deepen your intimacy and enhance your passion

Element 5 – Collaboration & Partnership:
Become a Team
Are you carrying the brunt of the responsibilities in your home?
Create a rock-solid inspiring partnership and enjoy a peaceful, joyful, and loving home

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