Integration Experience

Integration Experience

Welcome to our NEW! Integration Experience in recording for your convenience. You are invited to participate each month for an Integration Experience where I go deeper into a topic, and offer a transformative process. Come connect, learn more, and get inspired and uplifted. Look forward to continuing supporting you in your Journey!

Get the most from this experience:

*Protect the time from distractions.
*Set up your environment to soothe the senses and be conducive for an expanding experience (i.e., candle or incense, aromatherapy oils, water or other special non-alcoholic drink, journal or notebook and pen, anything else to make your surroundings relaxing and inspiring).
*Participate with open minded and ready to immerse in the experience.

Stay tuned for our next Integration Experience!

IE-06 ~ Release Egoic Patterns, Change Codependent Dynamics

We are going places with our depatterning work! Today’s Experience helps us identify our Egoic Patterns (defense mechanism), connect them to our personal Clinical Diagnoses, if we are diagnosable, and our repeating dissatisfying relationship loop, our Codependent Dynamics… We place our current functioning into our Level of Awareness and integrate the whole thing. Bang! The processes help you identify and decondition your patterns along with creating a reparative experience with your partner and other loved ones. And the awesome takeaway is establishing a 30-Day Challenge to continue to support today’s work. This is a Fathering / ReParenting Exercise that promotes discipline, structure, safety, security and MUCH more…

Here is the Strive for Higher Self handout
These are the Egoic Defensive Patterns
~ Lack is driven by believing we are separate and not whole, which leads to sadness, grief, loneliness, aloneness, hopelessness, depression and so on which lead to focusing on fairness and double standards, judging imperfections, self-numbing [flight response…]
~ Attachments are driving by believing we need certainty and certain outcomes which leads to let down, disappointment, resentment, frustration, anger and so on which lead to demanding apologies, owning the other, and getting stuck on expectations [fight response…]
~ Control is driven by believing that we have to make things happen and have to do all the doing which leads to fear, stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety and so on which lead to over-functioning, micromanaging, doing everything ourselves, not accepting help [freeze response…]

IE-05 ~ DeProgram Emotional Patterns, Lift the Anchor Keeping You Stuck

It might feel that no matter what we try and how hard we try we just can’t move the needle in creating what we desire… This is a sign that your old programming running the show is really ingrained and that mere conscious input is not enough to create the changes. You are going against your own grain… Deprogramming, depatterning, and deconditioning our emotional self is in order… Let’s reparent ourselves to heal wounds, let go of defence mechanisms and undo the habit of being ourselves… Let’s step into a lighter version of ourselves and get that needle moving…

IE-04 ~ Relate Intentionally and Authentically, Blossom Your Love

Are you ready for more from your relationship? We are creating new beginnings and a fresh start. This is the perfect time to learn how to take your communication, your connection and your relating to a whole new level… When you set out to relate intentionally and authentically you create the right conditions to connect more deeply. An opportunity for you and your partner to fully express yourselves and be who you are. You get to create a richer, more meaningful, more intimate and enlivening connection with your partner, and other loved ones… You get to create the space for your love to blossom…

IE-03 ~ Refresh Your Identity, Shift Your Reality

As we welcome Spring, a new season, and the possibilities for new beginnings, a refresh helps us create the space, the openness, and the fertile ground for the newness to emerge. Now is the time to clear what no longer serves us and deprogram patterns that are really part of the Old us… As we upgrade ourselves, and more specifically our Identify through today’s experience, we create a shift in perspective, presentation and prospects. We in essence create a shift in our reality allowing for a fresh start.

IE-02 ~ Expanding Love Consciousness, Embracing Interconnection

I love the Love month… Because I’m in love with all things Love… Sorry, couldn’t help myself (chuckle!). But seriously, I find this month to be super special as we delve deep in the concept of Love and how to have more love in our life… Which after you watch this video you’ll see it’s a lot easier than we usually make it! When we open up to expanding our awareness to of how life and love works, we expand our Love Consciousness and as such have a smoother time in our relationship and our life… Here is to much love this month and always…

IE-01 ~ Expanded Consciousness, the New Frontier…

As we embark in another year in our Journey, it is always a wonderful practice to confirm we are on the right path and going about it the right way for us. It’s a wonderful practice to set time aside to ponder these ideas, to invest in ourselves, and to embrace our Becoming. It’s a wonderful practice to open up to new perspectives, try out new things, and change up our life rhythms. Here is to creating your New Beginning…

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