Integration Experience

Integration Experience

Welcome to our NEW! Live Integration Experience the recordings are available here for your convenience. You are invited to join us LIVE each month for an Integration Experience where I go deeper into a topic, offer a transformative process, and you get to ask questions via chat on the topic or anything else you need support with. You won’t be shown in the recording. Come connect, learn more, and get inspired and uplifted. Look forward to continuing supporting you in your Journey!


Get the most from this experience:

*Protect the time from distractions.
*Set up your environment to soothe the senses and be conducive for an expanding experience (i.e., candle or incense, aromatherapy oils, water or other special non-alcoholic drink, journal or notebook and pen, anything else to make your surroundings relaxing and inspiring).
*Participate with open minded and ready to immerse in the experience.


See you inside!

Stay tune for our upcoming Live Integration Experience!
2/22/24 at 8:30 pm EST


IE-01 ~ Expanded Consciousness, the New Frontier…

As we embark in another year in our Journey, it is always a wonderful practice to confirm we are on the right path and going about it the right way for us. It’s a wonderful practice to set time aside to ponder these ideas, to invest in ourselves, and to embrace our Becoming. It’s a wonderful practice to open up to new perspectives, try out new things, and change up our life rhythms. Here is to creating your New Beginning…

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