Transformational Programs

I’m a strong believer that we can have the relationship we desire and the life we meant to have… That we can have an amazing human experience, what I’ve coined a Divine Human Experience™.

I’m a strong believer that we can bridge the gap from where we are to where we’d love to be. That we can Transcend what keeps us stuck and make the changes we want to make…

I’m a strong believer that if we want it, we can have it… Therein lies the key, we have to really want it… It is this desire and yearning that’s the motivational drive that help us stay the course during stormy times.

We have to be committed to creating the relationship and life we want. It is not too hard, it just takes real commitment. Of course, it is too hard if you believe having patience, dedication and perseverance is hard… Have a world-class life is not for the faint of heart…

I hear people say all the time, “It shouldn’t be this hard.” Anything worth creating requires blind faith, devotion, and commitment. With this kind of Mindset, I promise anything is possible… Amazing, radiant successful relationships and impactful, world-class, meaningful lives don’t just happen. They are created!

The Journey is not hard, but it requires you invest in it with love and intention. The more you embrace it, the more magnificent your creation…

Wishing upon you all you desire.


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Start Your Transformation!

Here you will find Programs to help you create the Relationship and Life you desire. They were designed with you in mind.

Each Program is a standalone program you can do on your own. After you register for your selected program, be sure to Start Here to start right. You’ll also be able to access the Tools tab to complement the work.

You are welcome to bring the work to sessions with your Therapist if you have one, or to request one if you’d like additional support. When you enroll in Private work with us you’ll additionally be able to access the Supplementals and Libraries tabs to take your learning and implementation to the next level.

Make sure you integrate what you learn as you go to experience your Transformation.


Knowledge is great,
Implementation creates change

All You Need to Know to Create Your Successful Relationship

You CAN create the relationship you desire by implementing the 5 Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™. The 5 Elements are key components to assist you:

  1. Stop the drama, understand and respect each other more
  2. Improve your communication and conflict resolution
  3. Change your dissatisfying patterns, meet both your needs better
  4. Create sustainable connection, enjoy each other again
  5. Develop a strong partnership and establish a joyful home

As you get a different perspective, learn new concepts, gain insights and tools, and start making changes, you’ll be ecstatic at the possibilities in front of you… This high-level, compact program helps you have an immediate shift and get inspired to create the relationship you desire. You’ll get your relationship on the right Path. You’ll start more smoothly creating your joint life and increasing your connection, intimacy and fun. Get on the right Path!

A Premarital Program for the Conscientious Couple: Set-up Your Marriage for Success

This is for you if you are getting married or are newlywed (1-2-years into marriage…). It is crucial that you address key Marital Topics that usually lead couples stray. Start your marriage right by getting on the same page and implementing simple empowering plans on the key topics:

  • Relating with In-laws & Others
  • Operating as a Team
  • Creating Financial Security & Freedom
  • Creating and Sustaining Connection and Intimacy
  • Raising Thriving Children
  • Enjoying Leisure
  • Creating Work-Life-Balance/Integration
  • Embracing Spirituality
  • BONUS TOPIC: Affair Proofing Your Relationship

Commit to making it work, set it up right. Your marriage is what you make of it. Make it good!

Address What is Fueling Your Anger Once and for All

Not all anger is an “anger management problem”… Understand what kind of anger you are experiencing that’s keeping you trapped and address it at the core.

  • Understand what triggers and drives your anger
  • Learn to how to better manage yourself
  • Address your anger appropriately
  • Heal the source and reprogram the driver of your anger
  • Change your hurtful patterns
  • Create new wellbeing habits and establish stronger relationships

Empower yourself, be heard, get your needs met, and have more success. Finally resolve your anger and enjoy more ease and joy in your life. Free yourself!

Empower Yourself in Your Relationships and Your Life

If you are experiencing drama, dissatisfaction and stuckness in your life you might be afflicted by codependency patterns. Learn what is driving your recurring dissatisfying pattern, how it affects all areas of your life, and how to make changes. Learn how to:

  1. Empower yourself and set effective loving boundaries
  2. Successfully express yourself and communicate
  3. Heal and resolve past wounding, self-regulate and appropriately meet your needs
  4. Better connect with yourself and others
  5. Create a healthy lifestyle and an advanced self-care practice

You can change this debilitating approach to your life and create the life you desire. Take charge, live large!

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